AirTumTec Exclusive Starter Bundle

AirTumTec Exclusive Starter Bundle

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Bundle consist of:

1x Large Tub (80 sheets)

1x Small Tub (40 sheets)

1x Large Spray (500ml)

1x Small Spray (50ml)

Can be applied on:- 

1. Exterior surface of face masks 2. Mobile Phones 3. Laptops 4. Wallets 5. Bags and other personal belongings 6. Door handles/doorknobs 7. Light switches 8. Dining tables 9. Car steering wheel 


  1. Protect against 99.9% germs
  2. Certified Durability
  3. Pocket-sized Protection
  4. Works on any surface
  5. Alcohol Free & Safe For Children
  6. No Hazardous Resonace (reso-charge) leaching, non-cytotoxic