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About Us

Being a mother of one, I realised that Motherhood is not easy, especially for first-time mothers. The whole process is filled with uncertainties & challenges.


From "what to bring in my hospital bag" to "what can i get for my baby's playtime", mothers are often struglling to find out the answers to these questions. Most of the times, the well-being of a mother is overlooked.


We strongly believe that a Happy Mummy will be able to care for their little ones the best.


At PenguinLada, we aim to bring in a range of essentials & products that are safe, of good quality & can target a child's development at its various stage.


Similarly, my son and I do use the items that are launched in PenguinLada and we hope to share some of our favourites with you!


With Love,
Iris Guo

Founder of PenguinLada

Brand that we carry



Products: BusyBoard, Feeding Sets & Etc



We are an official MNTL Distributor

Products: Magnetic Tiles, Magnetic Marble Run, Magnetic Car Tracks


Joan Miro

We are an authorised Joan Miro Distributor

Products: Flashcards