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AWS - Awesome Women Card Game (PRE-ORDER)

AWS - Awesome Women Card Game (PRE-ORDER)

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Introducing the Awesome Women card game: 3-in-1 family card game to inspire kids of all ages to be awesome through play! INSPIRED by “Happy Families”, “Memory Match” and “Cards against Humanity”, the Awesome Women card game will entertain, enrich and empower your kids with years of educational fun. Pre-order now and get ready for an awesome adventure!

AWESOME TOGETHER - Group the Awesome Women of the same category to win!
AWESOME MATCH - Collect the most pairs of Character cards and Biography cards to win!
AWESOME COLLOQUY - Give the smartest, funniest or most insightful answer to earn points!


  • 40 Character cards
  • 40 Biography cards
  • 36 Question cards
  • 5 Player guide cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Recommended age: 6+

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Illustrated by Kristen Kiong