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AWS - Activisits | Courage

AWS - Activisits | Courage

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  • 3 Awesome Women Series Activists board books featuring:
    • Amal Clooney
    • Greta Thunberg
    • Michelle Obama
  • Specially designed box set sleeve
  • Reflective stickers

Here is our second category of the Awesome Women Series - the Activists box set. It features three female Activists who made a positive impact on society or a difference in people's lives.

The board books pay tribute to female role models for young girls (and boys!) to admire and emulate. We emphasize important character traits that these female role models exemplified such as grit, courage, resilience, optimism, perseverance, curiosity, strength and conscientiousness.

The illustrations are lovingly created by a fellow Singaporean illustrator and calligrapher - Kristen Kiong. Kristen has a heart for projects that are meaningful and encourage people around her. She previously illustrated and published a children’s book called “I’ll Love You Anyway”!


© Text and Illustrations: Monmon Books Pte Ltd
Published by Marshall Cavendish Children
An imprint of Marshall Cavendish International

Format: Board Book
Language: English
ISBN 9789814974929